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Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments NCR GDX

model Built Here, Others Use
service type Social Services
country United States
government members Washington, D.C.
license unknown

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They say:

In coordination with local government, private, and non-profit partners, and COG, the National Capital Region Geospatial Data Exchange (NCR GDX) Regional Food Resources Initiative was developed to enable the sharing of geospatial emergency food resource data across the region.

The initiative leverages NCR GDX, a regional tool allowing geospatial data to be shared among area jurisdictions and their partners. NCR GDX was established to improve regional preparedness by streamlining collaboration among participants. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the region into a greatly altered economic, social, and educational environment that exacerbated food insecurity significantly. Regional partners responded by collecting and sharing geospatial data and applications to provide relevant food resource information to support their local communities during the pandemic. These partner efforts served as the impetus for a regional data sharing effort with the NCR GDX program.

While many local and regional partners had developed and maintained their own geospatial food resource data within their area of responsibility, there was not a single, comprehensive, and accurate food resource layer providing coverage throughout the region. Over time, this initiative provides the opportunity for ongoing data collection and analysis in support of planning to address food insecurity.

It has local government, private, and non-profit partners.