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model Collaborative Organizational Development
service type Information Security
country Estonia and Finland
government type national
license open


“X-Road is a free and open-source data exchange layer solution that enables organizations to exchange information securely over the Internet. […] The basic idea of X-Road is that information systems do not exchange data directly with each other. Instead, information systems are connected through additional, standardized access points (Security Server) that implement the same technical specifications and therefore, can communicate with each other.” It was created by the Estonian government (who contracted it out to private vendors), but there was later a Finnish/Estonian MOU — signed by the PMs — governing collaboration on the project. Collaboration is now done via the Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions, which has both countries as members, as well as Iceland. It is now also in use by The Faroe Islands and El Salvador.

“X-Road is a digital public good verified by the Digital Public Goods Alliance, and it’s released under the MIT open source license and is available free of charge.”