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Bay Area Spatial Information System

model Collaborative Organizational Development
service type other
country United States
government members Metropolitan Transportation Commission, Association of Bay Area Governments
government type local
license unknown
website [] (

BASIS screenshot


The Bay Area Spatial Information System (BASIS) is a new Data as a Service (DaaS) Initiative operated by the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) and Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC). Managed by the Data and Visualization Team, a unit within the Regional Planning Program (RPP), this system will bring key regional datasets onto an industry standard DaaS platform where users internal and external to ABAG/MTC can download it, or access it via API for analysis and modeling purposes. BASIS represents an evolution of past efforts, such as the Local Policy Development Survey (2005), that sought to collect data from local jurisdictions for use in regional forecasts, and long range planning activities for the nine county San Francisco Bay Area region.

Many of these key regional datasets are sourced from local jurisdictions and include data such as Land Use, Zoning, Residential Permitting, and a host of related datasets that describe the development pipeline activity for Bay Area Jurisdictions, all of which is directly related to Plan Bay Area, and support several significant programs within the IRPP. A key component of BASIS will include a robust Review and Feedback System that will collect invaluable feedback from local jurisdictions, key regional stakeholders and staff within ABAG/MTC. BASIS will present the data for review by local jurisdictions in an inventory format that allows local jurisdictions to select a location and retrieve a summary of the data available at that location. The summary will be associated with a count of parcels that contain any one or more of the landuse, transportation or development characteristics that we track as part of Housing Development Tracking, Transportation and Land Use Modeling (UrbanSim). Finally, BASIS will act as the skeletal and nervous system of the RPP Database Framework. The DataViz team will conform all data collected and used for policy development and analytical purposes thorughout the RPP and the other Policy and Operation units of ABAG/MTC and BATA.