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National Association of State Workforce Agencies

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The National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) is a non-profit organization composed of representatives from 54 states and territories’ workforce agencies. The organization started in 1937, to help states coordinate with the federal government on the administration of state unemployment compensation laws. It received support from the federal government until 1973, when it became a standalone, member-funded non-profit organization (although it still receives federal funding via the Center for Employment Security Education and Research, its sister organization). Long known as the Interstate Conference of Employment Security Agencies, it arrived at its present name in 2000.

Today, among its other services to its members, NASWA provides three shared services: the State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES), the Interstate Connection Network (ICON), and the Integrity Data Hub.


NASWA describes SIDES as such:

Unemployment Insurance (UI) SIDES is a web-based system that allows electronic transmission of information regarding UI claims between UI agencies and employers.

There are two ways employers can connect to SIDES:

For employers with a limited number of UI claims, connection is easy through the SIDES E-Response website that can be used to enter the requested UI information.

For large and/or multi-state employers, connection through a computer-to-computer interface may be more appropriate as it allows employers to customize their system to interface with SIDES. This option requires the employer to do programming.


NASWA describes ICON as such:

The Unemployment Insurance Interstate Connection Network (ICON) is the system that allows State UI agencies to request and receive data for use in the filing and processing of combined wage claims, military and federal claims. The system provides for the exchange of data between State workforce agencies as well as federal partners.

ICON provides real time information to assist state UI staff in identifying if a claimant has a claim or wages in another state. It aids in the collection of overpayments by allowing states to request assistance with collection efforts through the Interstate Reciprocal Overpayment Recovery Agreement (IRORA) process. The system also supports the wage record exchange system (WRIS) used to measure re-employment outcomes, as well as other communication with varying federal agencies.

Integrity Data Hub

NASWA describes the Integrity Data Hub as such:

Designed by the Integrity Center’s leading unemployment insurance (UI) experts, the Integrity Data Hub provides critical cross-matching functionality to combat the challenges and urgencies of UI fraud.

The secure, centralized platform brings state workforce agencies together in collective action to compare and analyze UI claims data for enhanced detection and prevention of fraud and improper payments.