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Open Justice Broker Consortium

model Built Here, Others Contribute
service type Other
country United States
states HI, ME, MI, VT
government type local, state, tribal, federal
license Reciprocal Public License
GitHub repository

Note: We have profiled this collaborative in depth in our Anatomy of a Collaborative series: OJBC.


The Open Justice Broker is a set of integrated justice information sharing components built on the Apache integration stack (Karaf, CXF, Camel). They publish all software under an open source license, and charge only for membership. The software is used to integrate records from police, prisons, and courts, making it possible to query records across disparate law enforcement records management systems.

It is a non-profit membership organization of government agencies and jurisdictions, dedicated to improving justice information sharing through the reuse of low-cost, standards-based integration software. The OJBC unlocks the power of open source software and cross-boundary collaboration to promote a more effective, efficient justice system.

OJBC was started by a grant from the Department of Justice, but it is now funded by membership fees from participating states.

Membership runs from $995/year up to $85,000/year, with three tiers of membership that depend on eligibility, technical support requirements, and ability to serve on the board.