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model Built Here, Others Contribute
service type Information Technology
country United States
government members Denver
government type local
license unknown

geospatialDENVER screenshot


They say:

Organized as a multi-departmental collaborative, geospatialDENVER is the City and County of Denver’s geospatial program. It is made up of the hardware, software, and staff that keep the city’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) functioning effectively. Members are united by the shared goal of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of city operations by leveraging new and existing technology to reduce workload and deliver results. GIS software allows for comparisons and analyses not possible with traditional, non-spatial databases and provides a platform for interagency collaboration, streamlining workflows, and strategic resource alignment.

geospatialDENVER’s technicians, analysts, programmers, and database administrators work to provide the public with access to the following products and services:

  • Decision support systems
  • Advanced geospatial analysis
  • Custom mapping applications
  • Development and maintenance of spatial data
  • Base map data in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) format for download
  • Mobile mapping
  • Permitting systems
  • Web services and application programming interfaces (APIs)
  • Maps for documents and meetings
  • Customized mapping requests for a fee

It is governed by the City and County of Denver, Colorado.