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service type Social Services
country United States
states CT, ME, MS, OK, RI
government type state
license unknown


A five-state unemployment insurance software consortium, including Mississippi, Rhode Island, Oklahoma, Maine, and Connecticut. Only Maine and Mississippi have implemented the platform fully. The software was built and is maintained by Tata Consultancy Services. Each state hosts their own copy of the software. Mississippi, as the original Tata partner, holds copyright to the bulk of the system.

There were some significant problems with re-implementation in Maine, and both Maine and Mississippi have expressed displeasure with Tata. Rhode Island intended to move to the system in 2019, but they couldn’t get it working correctly, and they continue to use their legacy system.

Mississippi funded the ACCESS MS development through state funds, UI administrative funds, and some supplemental budget funds made available to all states by the US Department of Labor. No funding was granted to Mississippi specifically for the purpose of reengineering its UI technology into the resulting ACCESS MS. When Mississippi, Rhode Island, and Maine decided to come together as the MRM Consortium, USDOL was petitioned for a grant to build the common system. USDOL granted $90 million to the states for the development.