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model Collaborative Organizational Development
service type Other
country Spain
government type municipal
license unknown
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“SEDIPUALB@ is a PUBLIC platform, which allows completely digital management of all the administrative activity of a public entity. It is currently present in hundreds of entities (City Halls, Provincial Councils, Commonwealths, Parliaments, etc.) from 7 different autonomous communities. SEDIPUALB@ is available to all public administrations that require an electronic management service, adapted to the common administrative procedure (laws 39 and 40) facilitating and speeding up the efforts of citizens and the administration itself. […] SEDIPUALB@ is available under a cost sharing model. This model aims to share the costs of the platform among the administrations that make use of it.”

SEDIPUALB@ is distributed as SaaS (Software as a Service) through a documented governance model that establishes:

  • A financial sustainability model based on transparent cost sharing
  • A system of evolution of the platform, democratic, where the functionalities that are supported by a greater number of entities are prioritized

All of this is articulated legally through an inter-administrative agreement fully adjusted to the law and endorsed by a multitude of AAPP.