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LocalGov Drupal

model Collaborative Organizational Development
service type  
country United Kingdom
government type municipal
license open


LocalGov Drupal is a collection of modifications to Drupal 8 to address needs that are common to council websites in the United Kingdom.

In October of 2019, the UK’s Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government announced:

London Borough of Croydon has been awarded £75,000 for a discovery on improving code-sharing between councils, removing blockers to sharing code and helping projects to collaborate. They will partner with Bracknell Forest Council, Brighton & Hove City Council and Oxford City Council.

Croydon announced the start of the work in December of 2019 and, after six weeks of work, they reported back on their findings, finding “an enormous appetite for sharing” and concluding that they needed to take “a ‘coding club’ route rather than exploring selling the platform as a service.” They published their governance process before embarking on six sprints over the following three months.

The work was performed by council employees, with support from procured agencies rather than by a single vendor. They worked in public, prodicing notes on the results of each sprint (e.g., sprint 3).

In December 2020, Croydon announced they had switched over to running LocalGov Drupal on the council’s new website, and that work was actively being done on the code base by Croydon, Bracknell Forest, Brighton, Lambeth, Waltham Forest, and Westminster.

They receive funding from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.