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Collaborative Development of New Strategic Planning Models

model Collaborative Organizational Development
service type Transportation
country United States
states CA, MD, NC, OH, OR, VA, WA
government type mixed
license open


Collaborative Development of New Strategic Planning Models was started on Tuesday, November 30th, 2021, and is slated through Friday, November 29th, 2024.

They say:

This task order shall develop VisionEval documentation for users and developers; design documents specifying new R code for VisionEval modules, support functions, and framework capabilities; and prototype code implementing some of those capabilities, as described in the Detailed Requirements.

Its intended outcomes include updated software, documentation, case studies, and related materials to support the VisionEval Strategic Modeling Framework.

Its managing organization is the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration. It is comprised of seven departments of transportation (CA, MD, NC, OH, OR, VA, WA) and is funded through pooled resources. VisionEval, the OSS codebase, is operated by the Transportation Pooled Fund (TPF)– the lead agency for the project. The pooled fund will allow participating agencies to:

  • Working models that can assess new challenges such as shared mobility or automated vehicles
  • Tools to set up and run these models very rapidly for a large number of policy and scenario combinations
  • Web-based interactive visualization tools to display results, cost-effective technical support for the implementation, customization, and application of these tools to each agency’s needs
  • Credible, maintained, documented tools adhering to clear standards and development guidelines, with thorough quality control
  • A community of active users and developers, which will reduce the likelihood that models will become obsolete, fall under the control of a single developer, or be abandoned by their developer while there is still interest in using them