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model Built Here, Others Contribute
service type Other
country United States
states MN
government type local
license unknown


MetroGIS is a regional GIS initiative serving the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area that’s largely focused on sharing data, but also provides some shared software. They provide an address point editor (a custom Esri Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, which must be self-hosted by users), a shared address point aggregator, and a 911 data viewer.

Funding and administration of MetroGIS is provided by the Metropolitan Council. The Metropolitan Council assumes fiduciary and administrative responsibilities for the MetroGIS collaborative, providing dedicated staff time and funding for geospatial projects with regional significance. The Council is a primary stakeholder and a direct beneficiary of the collaborative effort.

In 1994, the Council developed a strategic plan, hired staff and proposed an ambitious joint orthophotography project for 3,000 images at an estimated cost of $6,000,000, with the Council allocating $1.2 million through 1997 in support; remaining funds were expected to come from state, federal and local organizations with an interest in the data.