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Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture

model Built Here, Others Use
service type Public Health
country United States
states AZ, CA, FL, HI, OK, NJ, NY, TX, WV, DC
government type state, federal
license open

VISTA screenshot


“VistA is a health information system deployed across all veteran care sites in the United States. VistA provides clinical, administrative, and financial functions.”

The system and the front-end GUI are provided as open-source software. The VA has created a version that runs on GT.M on Linux, said to be to meet the needs of private healthcare organizations. It is in use in non-VA healthcare facilities around the U.S. (Whether these extra-VA uses are incidental or intentional to the VA’s development efforts is unclear.) Its use globally is promoted and contributed to via WorldVistA. It is unclear whether WorldVistA is a membership organization.