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model Collaborative Organizational Development
service type Health
country United States, Vietnam, Côte d’Ivoire, Haiti
states IA, MO, MN, SC, GU
government type  
website [] (

OpenELIS screenshot


They say:

The OpenELIS Community is focused on its mission to provide Open Source software that meets the requirements of U.S. and Global public health and clinical laboratories. We welcome new members who are interested in contributing to our mission and also those who want to learn more about OpenELIS and the laboratory community we serve.

The OpenELIS Global software is an open enterprise-level laboratory information system built on open source web-based technologies that has been tailored for low-and-middle income country public health laboratories. The software serves as both an effective laboratory software solution and business process framework. It supports the effective functioning of public health laboratories for best laboratory practice and accreditation.

The global health version of [OpenELIS Global] ( builds on the foundation provided by the original US Public Health Lab version of OpenELIS Global. Our challenge is to provide the flexibility demanded by different laboratories while maintaining a common code base.

OpenELIS reaches users in the U.S. – with presence in three state PHL’s – and globally, with presence in labs in Asia, India and Africa. Global implementations and support are provided by software companies in those countries, while U.S. implementations and support are provided by the Foundation along with our Certified Implementers.

The U.S. version of OpenELIS has been developed by the State Hygienic Laboratory at The University of Iowa, which continues to provide software development support with regular updates released every two to three months. A user driven change management process has been in place to identify recommended changes and manage the process for approval, development and release.

Implementation support, including initial training, is provided through Certified Implementers. Project management is a key part of the implementation cycle. Ongoing support after implementation is provided through the Foundation utilizing staff at the State Hygienic Laboratory.

The global version of OpenELIS is supported by software companies located in each of those countries. The global version of OpenELIS has a different code base developed from an early release of OpenELIS, often referred to as OpenELIS I. The Foundation currently has limited involvement in development of global OpenELIS.

Its primary maintainer and owner is the University of Washington, with a number of partners including the CDC, University of Washington’s International Training and Education Center for Health (I-TECH), and The Directorate of Informatics and Health Information, as part of the Ministry of Health in Côte d’Ivoire. Partners contribute funding, software development, and testing.